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John Rhodes

"My hand thinks I'm a artist, but my heart knows I'm a poet. It's just words, they mean, too little to me!" -bright eyes
Oct 20 '11



Me at NYCC this past weekend in the Snikt jacket I designed. Removable hood isn’t in these photos, but has a zipper in between the two collars.

I’m happy to take orders, and totally open to changing the colors around. Haven’t quite decided on a price yet, send a note and we can negotiate.

*Makes grabby hands*


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    I want to buy this so badly
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    You most certainly do NOT have to fit the normal body type of a character, to cosplay them successfully, you simply have...
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    I know its totally insane for me to spend 240 on a jacket but if i save 20 bucks a week for the next few months i can...
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