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John Rhodes

"My hand thinks I'm a artist, but my heart knows I'm a poet. It's just words, they mean, too little to me!" -bright eyes
Aug 29 '14

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Jun 25 '14

"Instructions on how to fit in, have everyone like you, and always be happy!"

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Jun 23 '14


Allstate has launched a beautiful campaign aimed at members of the LGBTQ community. Thanks, Allstate! <3


Jun 23 '14


Photographer Shinichi Maruyama teamed up with choreographer Jessica Lang for a jaw-dropping photo series of nude dancers. 

Though the photos appear to be long exposure shots, Maruyama actually created the effect by combining 10,000 individual images for each composite photograph.

Stunning Composite Photos of Nude Dancers

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Jun 22 '14

Three Leaf Salad with Rosemary-Shallot Vinaigrette



It’s summer. Finally. And in our home, we’re looking for dishes that require as little oven-time as possible. We’re also looking for things that are quick to prepare — with two boys now clamoring for food at dinner time, Dad and Daddy seem to have even less time to pull together something for themselves. This salad is both quick and no-fuss, and is equally satisfying on its own or paired with something from the grill. Roughy equal parts radicchio, endive and arugula are married with crispy, salty prosciutto and crunchy almonds, and the dish is lightened with a sweet rosemary-shallot dressing.

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Jun 22 '14

Is there a plan b? #OITNB


Is there a plan b? #OITNB

Jun 22 '14

Narwals narwals swimming in the oceanCausing a commotion[x]


Narwals narwals swimming in the ocean
Causing a commotion

Jun 22 '14


May 30 '14

"You’ve gotta give them hope." -Harvey Milk

My name is John. I am a normal American twenty something. There is nothing wrong with me, and even though it took me a long time to figure that out, I have. I am proud of who I am; who I have become. I am gay, and that is perfectly fine. I am happy, which is another thing that I couldn’t say for a very long time. I am happy! I dream of success and happiness; of having a family; of marrying the man I love. 
    This revelation isn’t to shock anyone or praise myself, but to show those out there struggling with their own identity, gay or not, that it does get better. I hated myself for so long. I wanted to die just so I wouldn’t have to be me anymore, but I just couldn’t see the amazing future ahead of me. It is hard growing up with uncertainties about one’s self. It is a struggle to get out of bed and willingly go to a school where there will absolutely be name calling, shoves into lockers, rumors and, worse, the embarrassment that conditions us to be ashamed of ourselves. I am not ashamed anymore, and just want to send a message of hope to anyone struggling with anything. You can not be ashamed of yourself. There is nothing wrong with you, and you were made perfectly.
  Be proud of who you are, and unafraid to be that. I wasted too much time hiding, only to find out that I had only caused myself prolonged unhappiness and greatly underestimated the people who love me. As cliche’ as it sounds, truth is freedom. I have never felt more real; more happy; more alive. A huge burden has been lifted from me, and it is better. It got better for me, it will for you too.
   We have to make ourselves known, not just for our own happiness, but for the greater good of our entire community. We must speak out, proudly, about who we our, letting people know that we are not ‘going through a phase’ or ‘plagued by a sickness’, but that we are a community of people (friends, neighbors, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, service men and women, the list can go on and on.) just looking to live as freely as everyone else equally, with our deserved rights. If you ever doubt that you are loved, I love you, and again, it does get better!
May 17 '14

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